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Explore the Phenomenon of Hybrid Value Creation

Introduction and the Trend

The successful launch of the Apple iPod combined and the iTunes store universally demonstrated the strategic role services could play even in the context of tangible products. The iTunes’ store became a market leader soon after its launch and in just over a year had catalogue of over a million songs. It clearly demonstrated that services offered in combination with products, were no longer just an add-on but could actually be the core of the offering.

The Growing Importance of Hybrid Value Creation

The demand for hybrid offerings is increasing for many reasons. To start with, customers value and demand such problem solving solutions. They also pay closer attention to life cycle costs than before and therefore demand complete solutions leading to combinations of product-service. Increased interaction between customers and suppliers leads to customized solutions which fit customers needs better, which in turn pushes the demand for such solutions from customers. This phenomenon covers various sectors from automotive, building, chemical, white goods, electronic to the food industry. It is also relevant in both B2C and B2B markets. This harbors immense economic potential for companies, if they use this trend to successfully implement innovative combination of goods and services that go beyond incremental innovation into the fray of discontinuous innovation.

Why we created this website?

To successfully make this transition from selling standalone products or services to hybrid solutions, companies need to challenge and rethink conventional service development, implementation, and marketing processes. Classical sector-specific routines, basic conceptions and value generating concepts must be submitted to a radical scrutiny process.
This website showcases many promising cases and is constantly adding more cases to cover all existing industrial sectors. The aim of this website is to increase awareness of this phenomenon and be the world's largest source of promising examples.